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Volunteering: Makes you 20% sexier.

Ok, that might not be a proven fact, but it is my experience and belief that it will make you feel better about yourself - and that alone and make you at least 5-10% oh never mind!

Visit www.onebrick.org today to find out how easy it is to start volunteering today!

Below is a list of events that I've attended or upcoming events that I plan to attend! You can always join me on Facebook, where I post all the exciting things I do! I welcome you to come out and join in on the fun - it's a great way to help your community and meet some great new people!


2/7/11 - Safe Humane Chicago Paper Party! One Brick loves paper parties! Come support Safe Humane Chicago by preparing informational packets. It'll be a fun way to help out and socialize with other volunteers at the same time!
Safe Humane Chicago works to reduce violence by showing people how kindness and compassion towards animals makes our communities safer and more humane. Their programs educate the public about responsible pet ownership and safety; stop the violence associated with dog fighting and animal abuse by providing positive, beneficial activities; and connect pet owners to available resources. To learn more, please visit their website. SafeHumaneChicago.org

10/15/10 - Chicago Foundation for Education: Help the Chicago Foundation for Education prepare for its 22nd Annual Teachers as Leaders and Learners Workshop! The workshop, geared towards PreK-8th grade teachers, will feature 50 sessions on grant winning curricular projects and teaching strategies, a keynote address, Grant Writing 101, more than twenty local cultural and educational organizations, raffle entry, 4 CPDUs, free parking, and so much more. One Brickers will be in teams.... either stuffing 500 goody bags with tons of fun items for the teachers or setting up tables/chairs and posting welcome/directional signs throughout the school. 

7/10/10 - Carole Robertson Center for Learning: An excellent community outreach program. I spent the afternoon spreading mulch chips around the playground in order for CRCL to meet inspection guidelines so they can continue to offer their services throughout their community. Check them out here.

3/8/10 - Booze n' Blankets! This is one of my favorite on-going events (yes, I knit)! Throughout the month, when I need to take a break - I'll spend some time knitting 8x11" squares. Once a month we all meet up with our squares and they get sewn together to make blankets for organizations like "Warm-Up America" and to other deserving causes.

2/28/10 - Chicago Books to Women in Prison - This event is pretty self explanatory. We sorted through piles of letter received from women in prison and tried out best to match them up with books that have been donated.

1/7/10 - Ladder Up! In this event - we helped organize a large mailing offering free tax help to individuals below a certain income level.

1/4/10 - Inspire a CPS Teacher With CFE's Fund for Teachers Mailing! they had more than enough work for one event.

12/12/09 - Norwood Nursing Home: This event was really cool- the facility is state of the art! While some of the Onebrick volunteers were assigned to assemble gift baskets and stuff - I got the job of mingling with the residents, sitting down to chat, play games - I did the best to remember as much piano as I could - I almost fell out of my chair when I realized that one of the few songs that I know how to play (and was playing) was "memories"... not appropriate - hehehe..

12/3/09 - Inspire a CPS Teacher With CFE's Fund for Teachers Mailing! This event was to help spread awareness of a "Fund for Teachers enriches the personal and professional growth of teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students and their school communities."

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